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To achieve the most precise corner and interlocking profiles in hardened materials, technical engineering and component manufacturer Broanmain Plastics has invested in a valuable Wire Erosion Machine. Completing their strategic investments in their expansive toolroom.

Designed to achieve the finest finish and precision in complex metal geometries, the Sodick A325 is regularly being used by the Broanmain engineering team to support customers with precision parts. Including tooling prototype projects and customisations.

In one of the most recent projects, the machine was used to create a mechanical flexure device to hold a batch of sleeve pins (pictured) with high degree of concentricity.

Connected to the company’s CAD Solidworks and Bobcad systems, the wire erosion machine enables Broanmain’s Engineering Manager, Kamil Stec, to program the machine to run uninterrupted overnight. Maximising efficiency and speeding up turnaround times for customers.  “It’s an incredibly accurate machine that controls the cutting of complex shapes in the smallest of work pieces, no matter the hardness. Because there is no direct contact between the wire and the conductive material, it means we can machine components with thinner walls without worrying about vibration,” explains Kamil.

Winning a number of new precision projects, including reconditioning a high volume of tools for retail scale specialist Avery Berkel, the Wire EDM machine addition has already proved invaluable. It has also been used to modify a couple of tools for Fireco’s innovative magnetic door device. Further extending Broanmain’s in-house engineering capabilities.

Now with more than 15 tooling machines located on-site, including CNC mills, a ZNC spark eroder, lathes and a profile projector, Broanmain has all of the automated and manual equipment to react to ad-hoc or regular tooling and mechanical repair projects.

Explaining the benefits of having both milling and erosion machines on site, Kamil expands: “CNC milling gives us speed, especially with the addition of state-of-the-art cutting tools that enable hard milling. Yet, EDM produces the fine features and precision. It works by feeding a 0.25mm brass wire through the workpiece removing particles. The EDM process takes much longer. However, it excels at making fine cuts, very narrow grooves, precision bores, and complex shapes with tight tolerances. It’s especially good for  achieving very sharp corners. We can now create tool design features such as lifters, side actions and inserts more promptly and at a lower cost to our customers.”

Image 1: Broanmain Plastics used the EDM machine to create a mechanical flexure device to hold a batch of sleeve pins with high degree of concentricity

Image 2:Broanmain Plastics completes its strategic toolroom investments, bringing wire erosion in-house with a Sodick A325 wire EDM