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Following a significant swell in orders during the first half of 2021, including a number of innovative new precision moulding projects and customers, Broanmain Plastics recently installed its first energy efficient all-electric machine as part of the company’s wider investment strategy.

Currently operating at full production capacity and fully confident that the company is on the cusp of another huge growth curve, the IntElect 180 ton machine from Sumitomo (SHI) Demag gives Broanmain the processing control, precision, fast cycle time and environmental credentials it needs to support existing and new technical mass moulding projects.

Broanmain, which has been manufacturing and assembling injection moulded thermoplastic products for more than 50 years, installed the IntElect in its Dorking HQ this July. The energy efficient IntElect is just one of many precision machines that the forward-looking company has acquired in the last 12 months to boost its agility and quality control.  Other technologies recently added to Broanmain’s toolroom to create much-needed additional production capacity include a precision CMM machine, a profile projector for advanced quality control and a lathe to turn components.

Focused on delivering long-term value to customers, zero defects and subsequently less material waste was a key rationale for selecting the IntElect. Given the current material supply challenges and prices at a six year high, ensuring every single pellet is moulded into a high quality part is critical to meeting our sustainability goals, states Managing Director Jo Davis. Striking the optimum balance of speed and precision, the IntElect can deliver energy savings exceeding 70 percent compared to hybrid and hydraulic machines. Additionally the machine’s parallel mould movement as a result of the direct drive shaves at least several second off every cycle.

“Not only does this clean-tech give us additional production capabilities, the machine’s intuitive controls and easy set up enables us to run longer split shifts when we are at maximum capacity, ensuring we meet customers’ on-time delivery requirements,” adds Jo.

Complex injection profiles can be selected and running in under a minute, with minimal input from technical team members, notes Operations Manager Thomas Catinat. He explains: “The entire production team is very excited by this investment. Because we design and produce components for a number of clients in the construction, industrial and FMCG space, this machine acquisition complements their sustainability requirements and further enhances our high standard quality and technical capabilities.”

Being a sustainable business in every sense is core to Broanmain’s ethos. “This includes continually improving our environmental performance and minimising the impact of manufacturing processes,” says Jo. The company, which uses Kanban to reduce over-production for customers, is currently trialling a more responsive ‘direct to customer’ delivery and box collection service, recycling packaging and cutting out the middle logistics to save customers money and reduce the number of transport deliveries.

Broanmain manages the tool design and moulds plastic components for a number of tier 1 to tier 4 suppliers in the automotive, aerospace, industry, medical and consumer markets.  Many of these parts are used globally by blue chip organisations.