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lengthen your tooling lifespan

Choosing a flexible supplier and bringing production close to our manufacturing site were important factors. We needed a company that could manage both the tool design and mould the components.

Peter Light, Trend Control Systems

Tool Making

From initial briefing, where the Broanmain team works with closely alongside customers to pinpoint the feasibility of a new component, to rapid tool prototyping and coordinating multi-tool production and trials, Broanmain has managed in excess of 200 tool projects to-date.

Broanmain always produces a clear and detailed proposal and price breakdown to include:

  • Managing the complete project, including all investigative material research, prototyping, coordination with specialist designers and toolmakers, right through to tool sign off and shipment
  • Repair and rapid development of prototype mould tools, using materials ranging from polymer to copper, aluminium and other metals
  • Robust tool validation and Quality Assurance trials
  • Jig design and manufacture
  • A programme of full maintenance and servicing of tools
  • Advising on R&D projects and feasibility studies
  • Precision CNC milling and parts customisation

We have 2 dedicated and responsive full time tooling professionals, 15+ tool room specific machines, store and maintain more than 1000 customer tools on-site and run an efficient and organised 20 square metre toolroom.

All new tools assigned to our care are photographed and stored safety. Additional insurance can be arranged on requests. Please ask.

Need extra tool making capacity?

Having invested considerable resources in our toolshop and people, Broanmain has all the automated and manual turning, milling, grinding and welding kit on site to undertake ad-hoc or regular tooling and mechanical repairs and projects for moulders as well as other engineering firms.

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