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Plastic Injection Moulding

Broanmain understand that the advantages of plastic injection moulding lie predominantly in material and cost effectiveness.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Advantages of injection moulding

As an injection mould company, Broanmain understand that the advantages of plastic injection moulding lie predominantly in material and cost effectiveness.

The benefits include:

Produce more complex, detailed and intricate shapes and plastic components.
Injection moulding under extrememly high pressure presses the plastic harder against the mould when compared to other moulding processes which means it is possible to add lots of detail into the design of the part. As a result, injection moulding can manufacture intricate shapes easily which would have otherwise been too expensive or complicated to manufacture.

Highly efficient process.
Injection moulding machines are programmable and automated hence parts can be manufactured quickly, effectively, reliably and efficiency. Automation allows for making precise and accurate injection moulds. Computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) allow close tolerances during the making of the moulds.

Produces strong components making parts durable and allowing plastic parts to replace more costly metal versions. See case studies here.

Multiple plastic types can be used with injection moulding which allows for greater flexibility when choosing the right material for each part.

Cost effective method of production.
Automation saves manufacturing costs and with the majority of the injection moulding process performed by machines with only single operator the overheads for production are lower. As the parts are more or less finished after they are ejected from the injection moulds very little work is required after production.

What type of plastic is used for injection moulding?

Common thermoplastic polymers used:

PC/ABS(Polycarbonate/ABS alloy)
PA6(Polyamide 6)
PA66(Polyamide 66)
ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

For more about thermoplastic moulding click here.

Plastic injection moulding products

Broanmain Plastics is an injection mould company and we are experienced in producing both high volume product lines as well as bespoke low volume production. The size of products varies, however we are capable of producing as small products as 0.5g or as large as 1200g.

Thanks to its ability to produce more complex, detailed shapes and plastic components, injection moulding counts for a large amount of plastic products that people use every day. We are experienced in manufacturing injection moulded products for a wide range of industries, ranging from aerospace, electronics, and defence through to the science, automotive, and the consumer goods sector.

With such flexibility in shape and size, the type of products that we can offer varies, and ranges from products as small as disposable razors, DVD’s, and battery casings, to products as large as wheelie bins, automotive bumpers, and television cabinets.

Injection moulding machines

Our Manumold and Sumitomo Demag plastic injection moulding machines based at our Dorking site range from 5 to 250 tons with a shot weight capacity of up to 1200 grams – at our Faygate site we have machines up to 550 tons – Demag and Sandretto. Our machines are equipped with mould tool heating, colour dosing, conveyors and material drying facilities, installed for all polymers.

The British Plastics Federation features an informative page on injection moulding, which includes further information on the process, machines and products related to plastic injection moulding. Visit the page here.

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