Design & Prototyping

As an experienced precision plastics moulder we have helped many companies and inventors from concept stage to full production. We work alongside specialist design companies and as a team we will work together to support you in the design of your product and creation of a prototype. Years of experience in usage of both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics and moulding itself makes us a great source of valuable and impartial advice where needed in terms of design, material and end cost.

Methods we use

We use several methods for creating models such as:

  • 3D SLA models (liquid based 3D printing) – layers of fluid hardened by UV laser
  • 3D SLS models (powder based 3D printing) – particles of plastic are heated by a laser to a solid form
  • Mould flow analysis – using a computer software for model creating allowing us to optimise moulding attributes ahead of actual model production
  • Finite element analysis – computer software method predicting reactions of a product to various conditions such as heat, vibration etc.
  • Reverse engineering – process of reproduction of the other manufacturer’s product by scanning of the components

Our 3D models can be provided in raw state, or in case of exhibition presentation, they can be sprayed to exhibition standard as well. We are also capable of producing models machined from solid, if that better suits your needs.

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