We offer injection, compression, transfer and Direct Screw Transfer (DST) moulding for processing thermosetting plastics.

Thermosetting Plastics

Broanmain is experienced in moulding all types of engineering thermosetting polymers alongside the commodity materials from phenolic to DAP. Using thermosetting plastics enables us to manufacture components with a high voltage and temperature resistance and also cope with thicker sections.

  • Thermoset injection moulding
  • Compression moulding (from 25 to 150 ton machines)
  • Transfer moulding (from 25 to 150 ton machines)
  • DST – Direct Screw Transfer injection moulding (from 110 to 250 ton machines)

Thermoset Moulding Materials

Materials used for DST moulding include Epoxy, Phenolic, DAP, Alkyd and DMC. Equipped with specially designed stuffer box, the 250 machine can also process bulk polyester dough materials.


Our Bipel, Daniels, Bradley & Turton and Sumitomo Demag injection moulding machines are equipped with vacuum moulding systems. We also have in-house pelleters, Guyson and Radyne equipment amongst the ancillaries we use.

These machines are capable of utilising very old tooling as well as new.


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