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Broanmain Plastics has increased its volume of machines and factory footprint. With newly acquired 110, 220, 330 and 550-tonne injection moulding machines added to its fleet, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can now have components ranging from 0.1mm in size right up to polymer parts with shot weights of up to 3kg. Plus every size in between.

For OEMs looking to rationalise their plastic manufacturing supplier base, minimise their risk exposure and manage real time stock logistics, switching from multiple vendors to a single local moulding partner offers greater agility.

Having recently ramped up its mass manufacturing side of the business to assist customers stockpile parts during times of uncertainty, Broanmain’s new venture into larger component manufacturing has been a natural transition.

Now operating out of two sites, Dorking for micro-plastics and precision components, and the company’s new Faygate plant for bigger polymer parts – including technical housings and 75cm sq. industrial floor tiles – Broanmain has the resources and expertise to undertake more complex, integrated projects.

For tier 1 to tier 4 manufacturers that are currently shipping bulkier and heavy weight components to the UK – many from Asia – having one domestic supplier for a larger volume of part sizes provides welcome relief.

In today’s economic climate, shipping heavy moulded parts frequently from across the world incurs large costs and time delays. Switching to a single local supplier for larger technical mouldings not only increases agility, it helps to avoid one supplier delay or insolvency triggering a domino effect.

Managing Director Jo Davis explains: “Supply chains in the plastic industry are highly sensitive. The collateral damage if one part of the chain doesn’t meet its delivery obligations can be huge.

“For some time now our customers have been wanting to procure larger parts alongside their micro precision components. Having listened to their feedback, it’s clear that OEMs seek a streamlined and responsive moulding service,” adds Jo. By growing and extending the company’s injection moulding capacity and capabilities, Broanmain is catering to this demand

Image 1: The Broanmain tool shop has all the machinery needed to undertake complex projects, test customers’ prototypes and take on repeat technical mouldings in-house.

The addition of a robot at Faygate plant allows for automation opportunities.