5th January 2022

Technical impeller moulder poised for eVTOL take-off

By 2025 the electrical vertical take-off and landing market (eVTOL) is projected to be worth $524 and is anticipated to more than triple to $1.9 billion by 2035. With such a huge growth curve on the horizon, at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2022 (Stand C195), longstanding technical moulding, tooling and assembly specialist Broanmain Plastics will showcase its precision manufacturing prowess.

Indicative of Britain’s appetite to stay at the forefront of eVTOL innovation, the UK Civil Aviation Authority recently unveiled an international consortium of eVTOL leaders. To assist these decision makers, throughout the exhibition Broanmain specialists will demonstrate to visitors sustainable ways it can help manage complex precision tooling projects. The team will also share guidance on maintaining quality control when manufacturing lightweight high-performance plastics and the benefits of using glass fibre reinforced polyamides in components that require additional strength and rigidity.

Managing Director Jo Davis affirms: “In the emerging EV and eVTOL market, dimensional stability, material resilience and safety are critical. Our technical experts have extensive skills in developing high performance applications and moulding components using materials that deliver the perfect balance of strength, toughness and weight reduction.” These polyamides are used in everything from propulsion, avionics, sensors, controls and actuators to battery protection.

Having won a number of new domestic technical manufacturing projects during the pandemic, Broanmain recently scaled up its precision and safety moulding capabilities investing in an all-electric Sumitomo (SHI) Demag IntElect 180 ton machine. Giving the company the extra capacity needed to rapidly ramp up production when British EV and eVTOL projects take off.  

The exhibition location is not lost on Jo. She comments: “Urban air mobility is one of the most exciting developments of this century with the reality of low carbon passenger carrying drones edging ever closer. Given its location, Farnborough is the natural hub for testing future eVTOL commercial concepts.”

Describing it as a natural transition for the mature engineering and technical moulding firm, Jo is confident that UK tier 3 and 4 suppliers are well placed to support this next milestone in urban travel.

Jo concludes: “For eVTOL OEMs and innovators seeking bespoke moulded and fabricated safety components all managed and finished through a single UK-based supplier, Broanmain has the CNC milling skills, tooling, production and assembly resources on site.”  

Discover more at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics, Stand C195, Farnborough, 8-10 February 2022.

Image 1 Broanmain Plastics is showcasing its readiness for the eVTOL market at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics
Image 2 Broanmain’s new IntElect machine offers real time production monitoring and the precision required to manufacture safety components for the next generation of urban mobility innovations.

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