Broanmain Plastics is highly aware of and committed to being environmentally and socially conscious throughout our business. We appreciate that every one of us, whether an individual or as a company, has to contribute to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment and help the community and surrounding area to thrive and prosper.

Therefore, Broanmain Plastics continuously tries to find new ways and methods of working more efficiently to reduce energy and waste. We strive for minimum impact upon the environment and to reduce our carbon footprint at all opportunities.

All our waste is being carefully sorted (cards and paper segregation), recycled or disposed into a landfill site.


Boxes used for packaging are predominantly from recycled card, using shredding as a stuffing. With all our deliveries, it is crucial to us that we use as much capacity as possible to reduce number of deliveries and therefore amount of pollution caused by transportation.

In house energy efficiency

Every little bit helps. Auto-switch on/off systems such as timers are installed throughout our facilities and we use only energy efficient light bulbs.

Many of our internal processes have some type of environmentally friendly systems incorporated. We use PowerBoss phase correction, heat insulation for our presses to name a few. With ongoing effort we are trying to identify new ways to improve the efficiency and implement them into existing processes.