Thermoplastic Moulding

Thermoplastic Moulding

As a precision thermoplastic moulding company, Broanmain Plastics has expertise in processing all engineering thermoplastic polymers alongside the commodity materials from Polypropylene (PP) to Polyetheretherketone (PEEK).

We manufacture injection moulded parts in low to high volume production runs from our 1200 sqf UK facility, housing machinery with capacities up to 250 tons and a shot weight of up to 1200 grams. We supply into a broad range of industry sectors including aerospace, electronics and defence and we pride ourselves on delivering a dependable plastic moulding service to your supply chain.

Thermoplastic plastics:

PC/ABS(Polycarbonate/ABS alloy)
PA6(Polyamide 6)
PA66(Polyamide 66)
ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)


Our Manumold and Sumitomo Demag plastic injection moulding machines range from 25 to 250 tons with shot weight capacity up to 1200 grams. Our machines are equipped with mould tool heating, colour dosing, conveyors and material drying facilities, installed for all polymers.

Additional services

If required, we can provide vacuum assist moulding on more complex tools and can fulfil requirements for moulded inserts, unscrewing facilities or over-moulding.


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