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Welcome to Broanmain Limited
Thermoplastic & Thermosetting Moulding of Plastics

Broanmain are technical trade moulders, having expertise in many different processes in the plastics industry.

Included in these are: Thermoplastic Injection, Vacuum forming, Thermosetting Injection, Compression, and Transfer moulding. We are in located Dorking, Surrey, close to the M25 and Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

What makes us different? Broanmain, not only supply excellent quality thermosetting and thermoplastic mouldings utilising a variety of machines with capacities up to 250 tons, we also provide tool design, tool manufacturing, printing, assembly, packing and distribution.

We provide our customers with a personal service, drawing from the expertise of our varied and long standing team.

Because we produce both injection and compression mouldings of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics, we can give our customers unbiased advice on ideal polymer selection, thus providing them with the best solution in quality,
performance and cost.

We have a large customer base which provides us with great stability if the economic climate is uncertain.